A donation from a Leavenworth native living overseas has put smiles on the faces of veterans living at the domiciliary at the Eisenhower VA Medical Center.

Patricia Vaughn Snodgrass grew up in Leavenworth but is now living in Switzerland. She recently contacted representatives of Boy Scout Troop 1028 of Platte City, Missouri, requesting a purchase of chocolate bars from the troop’s current fundraiser. Further, she requested that the troop deliver the chocolates to the veterans at the VA.

The Boy Scouts made good on their promise to pay it forward Tuesday night outside of the domiciliary.

Approximately 40 residents at the domiciliary attended the event. They each received a candy bar and talked to the Boy Scouts for about two hours.

“The (scouts) really enjoyed it and were inspired by the experience,” said Bill Skahan, spokesman for the troop. “They really bonded with the veterans.”

“This is so much more than just a candy bar story,” said Joe Burks, public affairs officer for the VA Eastern Kansas Health Care System. “It shows the veterans that people care and that the community rallies around them.”

Burks said the veterans were grateful for the troop’s gesture.

“The scouts stepped up and recognized the veterans’ service,” Burks said. “The veterans were very grateful.”

Burks said the VA always welcomes community support for the veterans.

“We welcome the community to engage with the veterans in any way,” he said.

For more information, email Burks at joseph.burks@va.gov