The county clerk has presented a map of how Leavenworth County Commission districts can be redrawn if the commission is expanded to five members.

The county clerk has presented a map of how Leavenworth County Commission districts can be redrawn if the commission is expanded to five members.

"I think it's a fair map," County Clerk Janet Klasinski said.

She presented the map to commissioners during a meeting Tuesday.

In November, voters in the county will determine if the commission should be expanded from three members to five.

A group called Give Me Five successfully collected the necessary signatures to have a question regarding the expansion of the County Commission placed on the ballot for the general election.

Last week, Commission Chairman Louis Klemp said he wanted to study parameters regarding the possible expansion of the commission.

"There are different ways to draw and split the districts," Klasinski said Tuesday.

But Klasinski said she would recommend the map that was being presented.

She said it ultimately would be up to commissioners to approve the new district boundaries if voters give the OK to a five-member commission.

The map presented during Tuesday's meeting has not officially been approved. But commissioners reached a consensus to have it published on the county government's website,, to show voters what the tentative map looks like.

"I think the voters need to know what they're voting for," Commissioner Doug Smith said.

During the meeting, Klasinski also provided information about what will take place if voters approve the expansion of the commission.

She said the County Commission would pass a resolution designating that the county has five districts. The governor then would provide a stamp of approval.

The county Republican and Democratic parties would nominate their candidates for the two new districts by conventions.

The county then would hold a special election in the two districts for the selection of the new commissioners.

The two new members selected in the special election would be up for election again in 2020.

Klasinski also had collected information about other county commissions in the state.

Of the 105 Kansas counties, 92 have three-member commissions. Eleven counties have five-member commissioners. And two counties have commissions with more than five members.

Johnson County has a seven member commission. And Wyandotte County, which has a unified government with Kansas City, Kansas, has 10 members, according to information provided by Klasinski.

Klasinski said, with a cost of living adjustment Jan. 1, the salary for individual Leavenworth County commissioners will increase to $42,359. The cost of salary plus benefits would total $62,309 for an individual commissioner.

Commission Chairman Louis Klemp later said he has never used the benefits offered by the county government.

Klasinski reviewed the salaries paid to commissioners in some of the state's other counties.

"The salary range is very great," she said.

She said commissioners in Saline County are paid $12,000 per year. Commissioners in Butler County are paid $30,671 per year.

Commissioners in Riley County are paid $43,750 per year. Commissioners in Sedgwick County are paid $95,906 per year.

Klemp said some may suggest dividing the total salaries for the three Leavenworth County commissioners by five if the commission is expanded. But Klemp said he does not want to decrease salaries for commissioners to the point that only retirees are serving on the board.

Commissioner Doug Smith argued that serving on the County Commission is a full-time job.

"I'm in this courthouse everyday," he said.

Former County Commission candidate Glen Berry attended Tuesday's meeting. He argued that being a commissioner is a full-time job. He said commissioners can be pummeled with questions from residents any day of the week.

"They'll call you at home anytime they want," he said.

Berry was a candidate earlier this year for the County Commission's 1st District, but he was defeated in the Democratic primary.

Klemp said he is thinking about offering a motion to raise the salary of commissioners.

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