With the resignation of a board member, the Leavenworth Board of Education voted Thursday to advertise the vacancy in the newspaper.

With the resignation of a board member, the Leavenworth Board of Education voted Thursday to advertise the vacancy in the newspaper.

Board members can appoint someone to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Jose Morales. There is more than a year left in Morales' term.

School district officials will accept applications from people interested in serving on the board until 4 p.m. Oct. 8.

Amy Sloan, the school district's executive director of human resources and support services, said board members can open the applications when they meet the night of Oct. 8. Board members then can decide how they want to proceed.

Morales' resignation letter is dated Sept. 10. This was the same day that board President Mike Carney announced he had sent a letter to Morales, asking him to resign.

Carney argued that Morales was not fulfilling the duties of a board member because he frequently missed meetings.

The remaining board members gathered for a special meeting Thursday to discuss the vacancy.

A resolution to publish notification of the vacancy passed by a 4-2 vote. Board members Nancy Klemp and Loyal Torkelson voted against the motion.

Klemp said the letter Carney sent to Morales had not been approved by the rest of the board.

"It was your personal letter," she said.

Torkelson said Carney should have brought the matter to the board.

"I feel (Morales) was pushed out, and I think it was sad," Torkelson said.

Torkelson said he was harassed by other board members when he previously voted against a bond issue. Torkelson said he considered resigning at that time, but he did not want other board members to pick his replacement.

Carney said Morales had missed nine of the last 13 school board meetings without contacting district officials.

Carney said a board member is not representing his constituents if he is not at the meetings.

Carney said he previously spoke to Morales twice about his attendance.

Torkelson said there are four board members who are more or less in lockstep with each other.

Carney said Torkelson is the lock and other board members are stepping forward.

At one point, Vice President Alisa Murphy interrupted the exchange between Carney and Torkelson.

Murphy said regardless of what may have been asked of Morales, he did not have to resign.

"It was his choice," she said.

People interested in being appointed to fill the vacancy can pick up an application at the school district's administrative office, 200 N. Fourth St.

It is unclear what procedure board members will use to select someone to fill to the vacancy once applications have been submitted.

Klemp said, in the past, the board has invited all of the applicants to present themselves during a meeting.

Torkelson said he would like to appoint someone who has no bones to pick. Torkelson said he also would like for the appointment to be unanimous among the board members.

Torkelson said he also would like to appoint someone who does not intend to run for another term on the board.

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