Three people have submitted applications to fill a vacancy on the Leavenworth Board of Education.

Three people have submitted applications to fill a vacancy on the Leavenworth Board of Education.

Board President Mike Carney read the names of the three applicants when board members met Monday. Board members plan to have a special meeting later this month to interview the applicants.

The applicants are Jeffrey Howards, Danielle Wells and Troy Smith.

The vacancy was created by the resignation of former board member Jose Morales. He resigned from his position on the board last month.

All members of the Leavenworth school board serve in at-large positions. This means each member represents the entire school district.

Board members voted last month to advertise the vacancy and accept applications. The deadline for submitting applications was 4 p.m. Monday.

Board members met a couple of hours later at Leavenworth High School.

Superintendent Mike Roth said the applications had remained sealed.

After interviewing the applicants, board members can select one of them to fill the vacant position, Roth said.

The superintendent said board members also would have the option of reopening the application process in hope that additional applicants would respond.

Roth said board members also have the option of leaving the position vacant until the next election.

"There's no requirement that the board fill that position," he said.

Carney proposed having a special meeting Oct. 22 to interview the applicants.

Board member Nancy Klemp recommended starting the next regular meeting of the board an hour early instead of scheduling a special meeting.

Board member Doug Darling, who was absent Monday but participated by telephone, said he prefers interviewing applicants during a special meeting.

"I think it's important enough to have a special meeting on it," he said.

Darling made a motion to schedule a special meeting for Oct. 22.

The motion was approved 4-2 with Klemp and board member Loyal Torkelson voting against.

Carney read the names of four people when revealing the names of the applicants.

But Roth later said one of the people identified did not apply for the position but wrote a letter of support for someone else.

"So we only have three applicants instead of four," he said.

Amy Sloan, executive director of human resources and support services, told board members she had received a phone call from someone else who had expressed interest in filling the vacancy, but he did not submit an application.

Torkelson said he would like the opportunity to review the applications.

Roth said the applications will be available at the school district's administrative office where they can be reviewed by individual board members.

Also Monday, Carney apologized for his behavior during a Sept. 20 special meeting.

During the special meeting, Carney became involved in a heated discussion with Torkelson.

At one point during the Sept. 20 meeting, Torkelson said there are four board members who are more or less in lockstep with each other. Carney said Torkelson is the lock and other board members are stepping forward.

"I want to apologize for my behavior," Carney said Monday.

Board members met Monday at Leavenworth High School instead of their usual meeting location at the district's administrative office.

During Monday's meeting, board members toured parts of the high school.

The tour began with Matt Dedeke, director of facilities, showing board members areas in the high school's science wing where the floor is settling. This is causing breaks in the flooring.

Dedeke said there are a couple of options for fixing the problem, but he does not yet have cost estimates.

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