Since opening in 2015, a baseball field at Lansing High School has served only as a practice field.

Since opening in 2015, a baseball field at Lansing High School has served only as a practice field.

But school officials plan to use the field for varsity games this spring.

The Lansing Board of Education voted Tuesday to approve the replacement of infield material at the field. The work should be completed in time for the baseball season, according to Superintendent Darrel Stufflebeam.

Stufflebeam said the field currently has gravel made of crushed limestone. This will be replaced by a combination of red shale and clay-based material.

The superintendent said this new material will be safer than the rocky gravel.

The baseball field at Lansing High School does not have lights. And in the past, this would have been a stumbling block for using the facility as a varsity field.

But as a member of the new United Kansas Conference, the Lansing High School varsity team will not be playing doubleheaders.

“So lights are not as much of an issue anymore,” Stufflebeam said.

The junior varsity baseball team will be playing doubleheaders. But the junior varsity team will continue to play games at a baseball field at Lansing Middle School. This is the field that previously was used for varsity games.

Stufflebeam said the district also will be replacing infield material at the two softball fields at Lansing High School.

“It will give them the same infield as the baseball field,” Stufflebeam said.

He said board members want the baseball and softball facilities to be equitable.

Stufflebeam said the replacement of material at the baseball and softball fields will cost about $55,000.

Board members also voted Tuesday to approve a second phase for the playground at Lansing Intermediate School.

The intermediate school, which serves grades four and five, opened earlier this year in a former middle school building. Stufflebeam said an initial phase for the playground provided the school with what he characterized as a regular playground.

The second phase, which will cost about $75,000, will provide an asphalt surface for basketball, tetherball and the four square game.

The hard surface area will be installed this summer, according to Stufflebeam.

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