The case of a Leavenworth man who is accused of battering his infant son has been bound over for arraignment.

The case of a Leavenworth man who is accused of battering his infant son has been bound over for arraignment.

Robert F. Green, 22, is charged with two counts of aggravated battery. The crimes are alleged to have occurred between Aug. 20 and Sept. 5 in Leavenworth.

District Judge Michael Gibbens announced he was binding over the case at the conclusion of a preliminary hearing Wednesday in Leavenworth County District Court.

The baby’s mother, Lacy Richeson, testified during the preliminary hearing.

Richeson said she had been living with Green and their two children. Richeson said she worked two jobs and Green was the primary care provider for the children while she was working.

Richeson said she returned home from work Sept. 5 and discovered that her son, who was 3 months old, had a soft spot on the left side of his head.

Richeson took the boy to Saint Luke’s Cushing Hospital where she was told the baby’s skull was fractured. The child was transferred to Children’s Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, Missouri.

Richeson said she communicated with Green that night using the Facebook Messenger service. She testified that Green “told me four or five different stories” about what had happened.

Richeson testified that she felt deep down Green was responsible.

“I knew he had done it,” she said.

Dr. Terra Frazier also testified during Wednesday’s hearing.

Frazier said she provides consultation at Children’s Mercy Hospital in cases of possible maltreatment of children.

She said Richeson’s son was found to have numerous bone fractures.

“Some were already healing,” she said.

She said there were 24 definite fractures and seven other likely fractures.

Frazier testified that she believes the injuries were the result of physical abuse.

When cross examined by Green’s attorney, Joel Rook, Frazier said the baby’s skull fracture could have been caused by a fall down stairs.

Ceara Barker, an officer with the Leavenworth Police Department, also testified Wednesday.

Barker said she met with Green the night of Sept. 5 at the apartment where he was living with Richeson and their two children.

Barker said she asked to see the room where Green believed the baby had been injured.

Barker testified that Green said he had left the baby alone with his older sister. When he returned, the baby was whining. Barker said Green indicated he believed the baby had been struck in the back of the head by a sippy cup thrown by the child’s sister.

The officer said she asked to see the sippy cup, but Green could not find it.

Detective Heather Vogel of the Leavenworth Police Department testified that she interviewed Green Sept. 6 after he had been arrested.

Vogel said Green told her he had not been forthcoming with police about what happened because he feared his children would be taken away.

Vogel testified that Green indicated he had dropped his son down stairs.

Vogel testified the defendant initially indicated the baby had been dropped down a couple of stairs, but he later said the baby had fallen down seven to 10 stairs and hit a tile floor.

Vogel testified Green indicated the baby had been dropped by accident, but the defendant acknowledged being frustrated at the time.

The detective testified that Green said he sometimes played too rough with the baby’s legs while he was frustrated. Vogel said Green indicated he had sometimes picked up his son by the baby’s arms or wrists out of frustration.

Vogel said Green also told her he would push on the baby’s stomach with the palm of his hand.

The detective said Green acknowledged he pushed the baby off of a sofa, but he originally tried to blame his daughter for this. Vogel said Green indicated he had pushed the baby off of the sofa by accident.

Vogel said Green admitted his daughter was his favorite child. Vogel said Green indicated his daughter did not make him as mad as his son.

Gibbens scheduled an arraignment in the case for Nov. 16. Green will be asked to enter a plea at that time.

Deputy County Attorney Joan Lowdon said Wednesday that the defendant had rejected a plea offer in the case.

Green remains in custody at the Leavenworth County Jail.

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