Early voting has been brisk in the run-up to the general election.

Leavenworth County Clerk Janet Klasinski said the early voting turnout has rivaled the early voting turnout in the presidential race two years ago.

She said the early voting turnout has been significantly higher than the turnout for the gubernatorial race four years ago in Kansas.

Klasinski addressed the Leavenworth County Commission during its meeting Tuesday morning.

She said 356 people have voted early at the Leavenworth County Fairgrounds in Tonganoxie. At the Basehor Community Library, 900 people have cast their ballot. More than 3,000 people have voted early at the Leavenworth County Courthouse.

Klasinski said more than 4,200 ballots have been mailed out, although not all of them have been returned.

She encouraged people who have been mailed ballots to cast their votes and return the ballot in person or by mail. People can also turn in their ballot at drop boxes located in the courthouse and the Tonganoxie annex on Laming Road.

“I have been really happy with the early voting turnout,” Klasinski said.

Klasinski said the high early voting numbers may be a result of the candidates and their parties “pushing advance voting.”

She said many candidates and parties are texting registered voters to encourage people to vote early.

Klasinski said the convenience of early voting is “attractive” to a lot of people.

Klasinski said there has been an adequate number of election workers but encouraged anyone interested in helping should contact the county clerk’s office.

Early voting will continue until noon on Nov. 5.

The general election is Nov. 6.