The Alliance Against Family Violence has a new executive director.

Jennifer Marsh was selected to lead the agency which advocates for people who have been victims of sexual and domestic abuse.

“I am so excited to lead the Alliance,” Marsh said.

“The Board of Directors for The Alliance Against Family Violence is pleased to announce the hiring of Executive Director, Jennifer Marsh. Jennifer comes to us with over 15 years of experience in domestic violence, serving nonprofit organizations both nationally and internationally,” said board member Sherry Brown in an email.

Marsh oversaw the Victim Services Department for the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN). She also created RAINN’S procurement process related to both public and private funding opportunities including grants and contracts through the Department of Justice, Department of Defense, the Peace Corps, among others.

“There are a multitude of changes taking place concurrently at the shelter,” Brown said. “It is in the final stage of preparations to receive victims of domestic violence. It has been this board’s mission to provide a comforting place to stay during this difficult time of transition.”

Board members include Brown, Stan Cherrie, Melynda Harbour, Georgi Sammons, John Bradford and Vicki Hamlin.

“We look forward to sharing with the community our successes as well as our needs to keep this facility running smoothly,” Brown said. “At this time we are hiring for two more positions: shelter manager and daytime shelter advocate.”

The Board of Directors will host a meet and greet reception Jan. 8 at the time and place to be determined.