A new pub has opened in downtown Leavenworth, and the origin of its name is the brainchild of its owner.

Steve Bequette opened Fluffy’s Swedish Pub, 507 Cherokee St., on Nov. 4.

He said it was not difficult to pick a name for his new establishment.

It seems there was a movie titled “Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist” that Bequette watched when he was working as an engineer in Sweden. The film tells the story of Nick, Nora and an underground band named Fluffy’s, which posted on social media that it would be performing at a bar in New York City on a certain night – but did not indicate at what time or what location.

Nick and Nora take up the challenge, hopping from bar to bar to find the band.

“I thought it was great,” Bequette said. “I kind of picked up the idea. I posted on Facebook for my friends to come find me in a bar in Stockholm, and they made it like a scavenger hunt or a pub crawl. It grew to about 25 people trying to find me, but they never found me in eight years.”

So when he got the idea to open a new pub in Leavenworth, he knew he had the name.

Bequette said his establishment features a full bar with a wide range of authentic Swedish beers and liquors. He said in the future, he will add a kitchen and serve food.

The decor of the pub features Swedish colors (blue and yellow) as well as a large Swedish flag. The pub also features a large dance floor.

He said as time goes on, he will place historical information about Sweden on the walls and on menus of the pub. Bequette said he spent many months remodeling the establishment and continues to add new features.

The pub is unique in that it is open from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. seven days a week. Smoking is not allowed inside of the bar.

Bequette said the pub features different events each weekend to include music nights, bands, karaoke and darts.

“And our prices are very low,” he said.

The pub also features a large projector screen for watching athletic events to include all of the Kansas City Chiefs games.

The pub employees five people.

“They are close and they are a great group of people,” Bequette said.

Bequette said that he and his employees have created a safe environment at the bar.

“Any sign of aggression, we will call the police department immediately,” he said. “We have a zero tolerance policy.”

Bequette, 44, grew up in Leavenworth and graduated Leavenworth High School in 1992.

For more information about the pub or to book an event, call 913-364-6010 or 913-306-3298.