The new president and chief executive officer at a venerable downtown Leavenworth bank said the “basic fundamentals” of the financial institution will not change under his leadership.

“We’re going to take deposits and loan people money, just like we have for the last 130 years,” said Josh Hoppes, who recently took over for his father, David Hoppes, as president and CEO of Mutual Savings Association, 100 S. 4th St.

David Hoppes had been the CEO of the bank for 27 years before retiring this winter.

About two years ago, the bank’s board of directors selected Josh Hoppes as David’s successor. Josh Hoppes had been grooming for the position for two years before taking over Jan. 1.

Josh Hoppes said there have only been about one-half dozen presidents of the bank in its 130-year history.

He said the bank’s strategic plan moving forward involves a simple philosophy.

“New ideas built on old values,” he said.

Josh Hoppes, a 1995 graduate of Leavenworth High School, earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Baker University.

He said he has worked at Mutual Savings Association for 22 years, starting as a teller.

Over the years, he has held several executive positions at the bank, most recently as the bank’s senior loan officer.

“I would consider it an honor to retire here,” he said.