With the start of the new year, county elected officials have received a 2 percent pay increase.

Updated 9:09 a.m. Feb. 8, 2019, with updated salary information.

With the start of the new year, county elected officials have received a 2 percent pay increase.

The pay increase was factored into the county’s 2019 budget, which was approved by the County Commission last summer.

But commissioners voted to officially set the wages of the elected officials during a meeting last week.

With the vote, commissioners approved their own salaries as well as those of other elected officials in the county government.

Voters recently approved an expansion of the Leavenworth County Commission from three members to five.

Some supporters of the expansion had argued that existing county commissioners should take a pay cut to help pay the salaries of two additional members.

But commissioners’ salaries have not been cut for 2019.

During last week’s meeting, Commission Chairman Doug Smith raised the idea of providing additional compensation for County Clerk Janet Klasinski because she oversees human resources for the county.

The county previously had a separate human resources director.

“I agree it’s added duties,” Commissioner Jeff Culbertson said. “I just haven’t thought about how much it’s worth.”

County Administrator Mark Loughry asked that any additional pay increase for the county clerk come in the form of a multiple of 2 percent. He said the county pay plan uses 2 percent steps for pay increases.

While they approved a 2 percent pay increase for elected positions, commissioners held off on making a determination about additional compensation for the county clerk.

With the approved pay increase, the annual salary for each county commissioner is now $42,359, according to Klasinski.

The annual salary for Register of Deeds Stacy Driscoll is $84,718.

Klasinski and County Treasurer Janice Van Parys each have a salary of $90,900.

County Attorney Todd Thompson’s annual salary is $104,273.

Sheriff Andy Dedeke’s salary is $105,413.

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