A local doctor recently began using a new non-surgical procedure that she believes will revolutionize how body lifts are performed.

Dr. Leah Waage, owner of LazerDoc in Leavenworth, recently began performing a new technique called medithreading. She said the procedure involves implanting an absorbable suture or thread during body lifts.

“It’s a groundbreaking procedure,” Waage said of medithreading, which can be performed on any part of the body, to include arms, stomach, chin, cheek, forehead, jowls, neck and more. “This is going to gain in popularity. It’s an exciting new field.”

She said the procedure is 10 percent of the cost of a traditional body lift and includes no patient downtime.

“It’s the same results and is much less invasive,” she said.

Waage said she is only one of three doctors in the Kansas City area trained for this procedure.

Waage said Dr. Enrico Guarino, a plastic surgeon from Rome, Italy, visited Leavenworth on Jan. 23 to provide instruction and deliver sutures for the procedure.

Guarino’s company, MediThreads, developed the new technique eight years ago, Waage said.

A numbing agent is applied to a patient before the procedure, but Waage said there is some discomfort involved.

Waage said the procedure takes less than one hour. She said side effects and possible complications include some bruising and swelling.

“No studies have shown that the procedure has any adverse reaction to the sutures,” she said.

She said the procedure lasts for one year and possibly from 18 to 24 months in some cases.

She has performed four medithreading procedures so far.

“The patients have been very pleased,” she said.

Waage said the cost of the procedure varies from $300 to $2,500 per area.

For more information, call Waage at 913-547-5755 or visit www.LazerDoc.com