Fixing a floor settling problem at Leavenworth High School could cost $500,000.

Fixing a floor settling problem at Leavenworth High School could cost $500,000.

That is the cost estimate for removing and replacing a section of floor in a wing at the high school. The estimate was presented Monday to members of the Leavenworth Board of Education.

Director of Facilities Matt Dedeke said staff members at the school became aware of the problem that has damaged the floor in chemistry and Junior ROTC classrooms in September.

Board members had the opportunity to view the cracked and sinking floor when they toured the high school in October.

"The floor did continue to settle a little bit," Dedeke said Monday.

Despite the problem with the flooring in several classrooms, Dedeke does not feel there are any safety concerns.

District officials plan to begin the repairs once the school year ends.

Dedeke said the area that is experiencing the settlement issues is the same location where a cut was made in the floor for a utility trench during renovations in 2009.

Dedeke said it is believed the compaction under the concrete was not adequate, resulting in the settling issues.

He said some believe a drought last year also may have played a role as nearby trees removed moisture from the ground.

Dedeke said various professionals have visited the school to look at the floor.

"We talked about a number of different fixes," he said.

He said replacement of the floor was selected as the best option.

He said the project will replace a section of floor that is about 16 feet wide and runs through five rooms.

"We feel pretty confident that this is going to be a long-term solution," he said.

Dedeke said the work will begin right after Memorial Day and should be completed in August before the start of school.

The new section of concrete floor probably will not be tiled until after the start of the school year.

"That might occur over the winter break," Dedeke said.

He said there is enough money in a district's capital outlay fund to pay for the repair work.

Chief Financial Officer Kevin Gullett said the capital outlay fund currently has about $8.8 million.

Superintendent Mike Roth said district officials will move forward with soliciting bids for the floor project.

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