A Fort Leavenworth bank employee followed her intuition recently – and it might have saved the life of a veteran.

Mildred Winston, a recruit specialist at Armed Forces Bank on Fort Leavenworth, was taking a mid-afternoon break for a cigarette in her parked vehicle at the bank last Wednesday when she saw something that didn’t seem right.

“I’m not nosy, but I like to be aware of my surroundings,” said the 43-year-old Winston.

As she was walking back into the bank after her break, Winston noticed a vehicle not moving on Kansas Street, right in front of the bank. Traffic was backed up behind the vehicle.

“Something was telling me not to go back in, but to run over there to the car (in the street),” she said. “The closer I got to the car, I could see this man’s head jerking and bobbing in the front seat. Then I saw him drooling.”

Winston said she is certified in first aid and CPR and determined the man in the vehicle was having a seizure.

Winston said she tried to open the doors of the vehicle but they were locked.

“I started banging on the window but he was not responding,” she said.

At this point, Winston said several people came to help. She said a soldier from the fort broke a rear window to gain entry into the vehicle. She said another bystander called 9-1-1.

“I made sure we kept him upright,” she said. “I didn’t want him swallowing his tongue.”

She said the group checked the man’s wallet to find out his identity. She said they discovered the man was a retired military veteran, perhaps in his mid-60s.

An EMS vehicle soon arrived and transported the man to a hospital in the city of Leavenworth.

“I’ve never done anything like that before,” Winston said. “It was kind of scary. But I just listened to my intuition.”

She does not remember the man’s name but learned that he often dines at the Burger King restaurant right across the street from the bank.

“I hope he’s doing OK,” Winston said.