For Cathy and Bob Lang, the second time for love is definitely a charm and Valentine's Day is the perfect time to think back over the 33 years of love they've shared.


For Cathy and Bob Lang, the second time for love is definitely a charm and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to think back over the 33 years of love they’ve shared.
In 1986, when Cathy was at a happy hour in Kansas City with some of her co-workers, she was introduced to Bob by his brother.

“The next day Bob’s brother relayed a message from Bob (no Internet in 1986) asking if I would be interested in a date. My answer was ‘no’ but the interest was there since my relationship at the time was on shaky ground,” says Cathy.

When Cathy agreed a few months later and she and “the super tall guy” went on  their first date, they decided since they both loved jazz that heading to a jazz club in Kansas City would be the perfect place to get to know each other.  
“He was so easy to be with and that first date had both of us looking forward to more,” says Cathy.

They dated for four years before deciding that it was time for a more permanent arrangement.

“His proposal felt more like a natural progression than a big surprise. Since I worked and lived in Kansas City, moving to Leavenworth would not have been my first choice. But since Bob had a young daughter still in school and a mother who he was totally devoted to, and my children were on their own and no longer dependent upon me, it made better sense for me to move,” says Cathy.

When they married in 1990, Cathy easily made the transition to Leavenworth. She was born and raised in the small town of Plymouth, Massachusetts, and she says she was acclimated to cradle-to-grave relationships formed in small communities.
“The only drawback to this closeness was being detained in any given store whenever my sister-in-law and I had to engage in drawn-out conversations with everyone that she knew,” says Cathy.

Bob worked for the Bureau of Prisons North Central Region as a regional utilization specialist and Cathy worked as a senior buyer for Allied Signal (now Honeywell). She still worked in Kansas City and had to join the professional commuters but she was thankful for the 90 round trip miles she traveled each day.
“The miles were mindfully spent designing the details of each room of the house that we were building in Leavenworth,” says Cathy.

The celebration of their extended family through births, marriages, engagements, graduations, promotions and all of the happy events that bring families together has given them the highlights of their marriage. And with six children, 18 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren, there are many celebrations to come.
“I admire Cathy for her organizational skills when it comes to coordinating our family events,” says Bob.

“We don’t have any set celebrations except to see which one of us remembers our anniversary date first,” says Cathy. “We both look upon that date as a very special time and we are grateful that we found one another. I admire Bob for his strong sense of family. I admire the way that he and his four brothers will always be there for one another.”

Bob and Cathy have learned over the years that it’s OK to agree to disagree and that many times they learn from different opinions or ideas.

“The best thing about spending my life with Bob is the knowledge that as I grow older, my contentment and love for this man grows exponentially,” says Cathy.
Bob says he feels blessed to be in such a loving relationship.

The couple believes the secret to a happy marriage is gained through love and respect. And their advice to any young couple contemplating marriage is to recognize that it is a lifetime commitment not to be entered into lightly.