The city of Leavenworth may start up a new community festival. And the recommended name of the festival is Camp Leavenworth.

The city of Leavenworth may start up a new community festival. And the recommended name of the festival is Camp Leavenworth.

Keli O’Neill Wenzel, president and CEO of O’Neill Events and Marketing, visited Tuesday with the Leavenworth City Commission regarding her firm’s recommendations for a new festival.

The city hired the firm to do event research in preparation for a possible city-sponsored festival.

Wenzel said the theme of the festival would celebrate the city’s sense of freedom and adventure. It also would pay tribute to the community’s ties to the military.

“It plays to who you are with the military tie-in,” she said.

Wenzel said the festival also would be unique for the area. Her company’s research indicates the region does not have a camp festival or a festival with an outdoor theme.

Wenzel proposed having the festival Sept. 21-22 in downtown Leavenworth.

City officials are looking to make the festival an annual event.

No action was taken during Tuesday’s commission meeting, which was a study session.

City Manager Paul Kramer said he plans to present a proposed contract to the commission next week for the purpose of hiring O’Neill Events and Marketing to manage the festival during its inaugural year. Kramer said he also will have representatives of the firm present a proposed budget for the festival.

Kramer said the city would fund the festival using money generated through a transient guest tax. The tax is charged to people who stay at hotels in the city.

Kramer said the budget figure, which he did not disclose Tuesday, may seem like a big number. But he said there is the potential for revenue offsets for just about everything.

“We’re already talking to sponsors,” Wenzel said.

Her proposal for the festival includes activities such as live music, bonfires, children’s activities and fireworks.

She proposed selecting names for areas of the festival related to the overall theme of the event. For example, she proposed having an area for food vendors called The Canteen.

Wenzel said she has not yet isolated a specific area in downtown Leavenworth for the festival.

Mayor Jermaine Wilson indicated he was not initially thrilled about the festival’s name.

However, he later came up with a phrase to turn the first part of the name into an acronym – “come and meet people.”

Commissioner Larry Dedeke said he did not love the name. But Dedeke said he thinks the overall idea for the festival is good.

Commissioner Nancy Bauder, who has served on a festival advisory board, said the proposed name “grows on you.”

“I didn’t really like the name at first, but it grew on me,” she said.

She said historical aspects of the community can still be incorporated into the festival.

Commissioner Mark Preisinger said he can support the proposal if members of the advisory board like it.

Mayor Pro-Tem Mike Griswold said the concept for the festival is creative.

“I’m on board,” he said. “I’m supportive.”

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