A new business is coming to the city of Lansing.

City Administrator Tim Vandall confirmed Thursday afternoon that QuikTrip has purchased property to construct a new convenience store on the corner of Main Street and Eisenhower Road in Lansing.

“It’s a really good step for us,” said Vandall. “We are very excited about it. It’s a positive step forward for the city.”

Vandall said the convenience store purchased the land from the Leavenworth County Co-op, which currently owns and operates a business and fueling station at that location.

In turn, the Leavenworth County Co-op will relocate to land it already owns at the Lansing Business Center on Gilman Road.

Vandall said the real estate transaction involving QuikTrip is pending until several site approvals of the property are completed. He said that could take a few months.

Vandall applauded the efforts of Matt Schmitz, community and economic development director for the city, for “working hard on this for the last several months.”

Another QuikTrip is located on Kansas 7 Highway near the Interstate 70 interchange.

There are more than 750 QuikTrip stores in the United States, including 83 in the Kansas City metro area.
Cody Kalous, general manager of the Leavenworth County Co-op, said the business is looking forward to the move.

“We’re excited about it,” Kalous said. “We will be better able to serve our customers.”

He said construction is slated to begin on the new co-op building this spring and completed this fall.

Kalous said the new business will include 6,000 square feet of office space, 6,000 square feet of warehouse space, four fueling stations and a propane plant.

Kalous said the Leavenworth County Co-op building was originally constructed at its current site in 1963.

The Times attempted to reach a representative from QuikTrip for a comment on the transaction, but a telephone call was not returned Thursday afternoon.