The Eisenhower VA Medical Center has joined a nationwide effort to gather medical data to improve the health of veterans and non-veterans.

The VA launched the National Institutes of Health’s All of Us research program Monday at the Leavenworth campus.

“All of Us is a bold effort to gather data over time from one million or more people living in the United States,” according to a press release.

The goal is to accelerate medical research and make it accessible to medical professionals.

“Researchers will use data from All of Us to fuel discoveries for a wide variety of health conditions and to learn more about the impact of individual differences in lifestyle, environment and biological make up,” according to the press release.

The National Institutes of Health launched the program in May 2018. The Eisenhower VA Medical Center joins two other sites conducting the research.

“We are very excited to be now the only VA Medical Center in the Midwest Region offering veterans the opportunity to participate in All of Us,” said Dr. Melinda Gaddy, associate chief of staff-research for VA Eastern Kansas Health Care System. “All of Us will advance health care for veterans and all people by providing researchers the data needed to more precisely diagnose and treat a variety of conditions.”

She said human genes contain information that will one day allow health care professionals to predict with a greater degree of certainly which medications will work for which people.

Gaddy said the research program will be an ongoing effort to collect “what’s going to be the largest genomics database in the world.”

Gaddy said program participants will each be paid $25.

“We hope it helps draw them in and makes it worth their while,” she said.

The first program participants began signing up Monday at the VA.

Gaddy said all program participants will remain anonymous. Reachers will have no identifying information of the participants.

For more information about the All of Us program, visit or call 833-805-0426.