Andrea Mamaux is with the Leavenworth Animal Welfare Society. In this Q5, she talks about the upcoming fundraiser, Spay-ghetti Dinner.

Andrea Mamaux is with the Leavenworth Animal Welfare Society. In this Q5, she talks about the upcoming fundraiser, Spay-ghetti Dinner.

What is the purpose of the Leavenworth Animal Welfare Society's Spay-Ghetti Dinner? When is it, what does the dinner include and what type of vendors will be present?
The Spay-ghetti dinner is  LAWS biggest fundraiser of the year, to help us make some money for our free spay/ neuter program.
It is this coming Sunday, March 3, from 4 to 8 p.m. Luigi's Italian Restaurant will host it again, serving their delicious pasta with different sauces, their tasty garlic bread and salad, and wonderful dessert.
We won't have any vendors this year, to have more space for the guests. But we have a lot of items to  win at the silent auction and with raffle tickets.

How does the free spay/ neuter program work and in what situations does LAWS offer financial assistance to treat pets in medical emergencies?
Anybody living in Leavenworth County, except rescues and breeders are eligible to get their dog or cat sterilized for free under our program. We encourage people who can pay for that service to do so, so LAWS can help those people who just don't have the means to get their pets sterilized otherwise.
To receive a coupon for free spay/neuter at the local low cost spay/neuter clinic "HOPE," just contact LAWS. Go to the webpage and request a coupon , or call LAWS at 913-651-5297 and ask for a coupon.
The coupon is self explanatory, just call and make an appointment. LAWS covers the cost for the surgery, if a dog or cat needs any vaccinations or other vet care, it is the responsibility of the pet owner to cover those costs. Rabies vaccination is mandatory, but at a very reasonable price at the HOPE clinic. The staff at HOPE is very helpful and will answer questions the pet owner might have.
Often LAWS is asked for financial help to pay for vet care for dogs or cats, whose owners have fallen on hard times and cannot afford to take their pet to the vet. Most of the time LAWS is in a position to help, at least we always try. In 2018 LAWS paid $14,000  for medical care of animals in need.
That is a huge amount and a lot of dogs and cats have been helped and lives saved, not only pets that had an owner, but also very sick or badly injured dogs and cats that came to Animal Control as strays.

How long has the program been in place and how many animals have been spayed and neutered using the program? How does the community benefit as well from keeping the stray animal population under control?
The program  started in the spring of 2010, and so far close to 13,000 animals residing in Leavenworth County have been sterilized. About 2,000 more cats than dogs. Isn't that an amazing number?
We cannot even imagine, how many unwanted litters and homeless dogs and cats the LAWS program has prevented.
Life in a community where people care about their pets and are responsible pet owners is a healthier and safer community to live in.
It is proven that usually intact male dogs are causing more trouble than neutered ones. Intact dogs and cats are running around during mating season causing accidents, getting into fights with each other, all unnecessary and preventable.

When and where will the event be and how much are tickets? What other events are planned to help animals and how can community members help LAWS with their work?
Luigi's Italian Restaurant on 418 Cherokee Street here in Leavenworth will host the Spay-ghetti Dinner again this year, on March 3 from 4 to 8 p.m.
Tickets are available at Kansas Country Store, 728 Cherokee Street, or online through (search Spay-ghetti) advance tickets are $15 for adults, $8 for children 12 and under.
At the door: $18 for adults, $8 for children 12 and under.
In April LAWS is planning a fundraiser at IHOP, date will be announced.
Also in April we are planning a Bingo fundraiser for the first time, at Hamburger Mary's in Westport. The date will also be announced. We are excited about the Bingo event. Some LAWS volunteers did a "trial run" and had a lot of fun.
On June 22 is the annual LAWS: Putt for PAWS golf tournament at the golf course on Fort Leavenworth. It’s always a great event and the players enjoy their time there. It is open to the public.
The best way for the community to help LAWS is to support our fundraisers, maybe organize fundraisers for LAWS, spread the word about the LAWS programs and don't turn your head when you see that an animal is in need of human help.

What do LAWS members most want the community to know about the work they do? Why is this a great event to eat good food and support a treasured community animal welfare group?
We are always baffled to hear that people have never heard about LAWS, an organization that has helped animals all over Leavenworth County since 1991.
An organization that is totally staffed by volunteers only, nobody has a paid position, and the donations LAWS receives go directly into the care and welfare  of animals who need help.
A good way to learn more about LAWS is to attend our monthly meeting, held on the second Wednesday of the month, at Kansas Country Store, starting at 6 p.m.
We welcome everybody, like to hear about new ideas or suggestions to make life for the animals better, and are happy if somebody will share their time and talent to support LAWS.
We are looking forward to seeing familiar and hopefully lots of new faces at the Spay- ghetti Dinner.
Besides good food, there will be great prizes at the silent auction to win, or with some luck to take a neat item from the raffle home.
We are grateful for all the people/businesses which helped us by posting our flyers or giving a donation and for spreading the word about this event. Thank you.
— Rimsie McConiga