For more than 20 years, Andy Metsker has been the principal of Pleasant Ridge High School.

For more than 20 years, Andy Metsker has been the principal of Pleasant Ridge High School.

But someone else will be taking over that job in the fall.

Metsker is retiring at the end of the school year after a 40-year career in education.

"It's just time to go do something else," said Metsker said.

Metsker said he will miss his interaction with students and staff at the school.

"Andy Metsker has been a fervent supporter of Pleasant Ridge High School students for nearly 25 years," Easton Superintendent Tim Beying said. "Our community has a strong appreciation for his dedication to student involvement in school activities of all kinds."

After working as a probation officer for juvenile offenders in Topeka in the mid 1970s, Metsker, who was interested in coaching, decided to obtain a teaching degree.

His first job in education was with the Valley Falls school district in Jefferson County. He taught social studies and coached basketball.

Metsker ended up working at several districts in Kansas in teaching, coaching and administrative positions before coming to Pleasant Ridge High School. He also spent a year in Texas.

Metsker said he obtained a master's degree after a superintendent in Caney encouraged him to go into administration.

Metsker applied for the Pleasant Ridge High School principal position in the spring of 1996.

Technology has been one of the biggest changes during his time as principal at Pleasant Ridge.

When he became principal, students were still learning to type on typewriters. Now, all of the students have laptop computers.

"I think we've done a pretty good job of embracing technology," he said.

He said enrollment at the high school has increased since he took over as principal. And the school offers more upper level math and science classes.

"We've added on to the building a couple of times," he said.

He said some of the students who were studying at Pleasant Ridge High School when he became the principal now have children attending classes at the school.

Metsker said he does not have specific plans for his retirement but he will find something to do.

His wife, Debra, a longtime teacher at Pleasant Ridge High School, also is retiring.

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