Nola Brown is executive director of Volunteer Kansas. In this Q5, she talks about the new Give Back Kansas Challenge.

Nola Brown is executive director of Volunteer Kansas. In this Q5, she talks about the new Give Back Kansas Challenge.

Nola, what is the Give Back Kansas Challenge?
Kansas employers are invited to register for the inaugural Give Back Kansas Challenge and encourage employees to participate in community volunteering. The eight-week challenge will run from April 1 through May 31, 2019, with registration closing March 22 at

How will this be a good way for employers and employees to learn about organizations in their communities?
The Challenge will be a fun and exciting way for them to learn more about organizations in their communities and help out by giving of their time. Volunteer Kansas is partnering with the Kansas Volunteer Commission (KVC) to introduce the challenge to Kansans. The Give Back Kansas  Challenge  is an opportunity for employees who volunteer to receive recognition by tracking and reporting their hours, as well as for employees that may be first-time volunteers to try something new that could help them develop additional skills or enthusiasm for their work.

Who is the challenge open to and is there a cost?
There is no cost to participate, and the challenge is open to any employer in Kansas (for profit, nonprofit and government). Employers register in advance to participate, and volunteer hours are reported through an online portal by the employer’s self-designated point of contact.

How does the challenge work?
Based on the number of entries received and company size, employers will be divided into three categories (large, medium and small). Winners will be selected by determining the average number of volunteer hours per employee completed during the challenge period.
Employers achieving the highest average in each size category will have a $1,000 donation made on their behalf by Volunteer Kansas to the charity of their choice.

How does employer-supported volunteering help a company?
“Research shows that employer-supported volunteering can result in improved employee engagement, organizational commitment, job satisfaction and retention,” said Jessica Noble, executive director of the Kansas Volunteer Commission. “We look forward to seeing the many positive ways that participating organizations are affected during the Give Back Kansas Challenge.”
  Complete information and resources on how to participate and find volunteer opportunities are available at  or by contacting Jessica Noble at  or 785-296-3163.
— Rimsie McConiga