LaMont Cook said he is not looking for attention. Rather, the Linwood resident wants to bring awareness to “the human side of dealing with tragedy.”

Cook was taking his son to the hospital Tuesday when he came upon a three-vehicle accident on State Avenue.

“It happened right in front of me,” he said. “I recognized immediately that it was a bad accident.”

Cook pulled over and rushed to the accident scene.

“Naturally, you want to stop and see what assistance you can provide,” he said.

Cook said he rushed first to the vehicle which seemed to be the most severely damaged. He said the man in the vehicle was unresponsive.

Cook said he then rushed to another vehicle and found a man injured.

“He was hurting,” Cook said. “I helped him find his phone, which he uses as a hearing device.”

Cook said he next went to check on the driver of the third vehicle.

“She was very distraught,” Cook said. “I tried to comfort her. I asked her if there was anybody I could call for her. She was very upset, shocked. It was a very traumatic situation.”

Cook said medical personnel soon arrived, and he then continued his trip to take his son to the hospital.

Cook said he worked as an EMT as a young man. But his career has been as an administrator in the medical field.

“I hope I can generate awareness about helping people in situations like this,” Cook said. “Don’t be afraid to help. Comfort the best you can, even if that’s just being there until help arrives. Everybody can use a hug.”

“This man is a local hero,” wrote Rachel Hammond, Cook’s daughter. “Despite his own need to seek medical attention for his son, he stopped to help others. He put the needs of his community above himself. We are indebted to his service.”