Lansing High School freshmen civics and geography students recently took part in a national project to thank Medal of Honor recipients.

Approximately 200 students from Lansing High School joined with hundreds more across the country to write thank you letters to recipients of the nation’s highest award for valor.

Lansing civics and geography teacher Keith Andrews said he became aware of the campaign while watching a televised news story about the letter-writing project which occurs each year in the run-up to National Medal of Honor Day, which will be celebrated Monday.

“It sounded like a great way to honor the Medal of Honor recipients,” Andrews said.

His lesson plan for the project started with students choosing a Medal of Honor recipient from a list of about 80 who are still living.

Students then were to research their Medal of Honor person and create a short biography of them.

Next, students were asked to compose a letter of gratitude to the Medal of Honor recipient, which Andrews would put in the mail.

For extra credit, students were asked to create posters that included messages of thanks to the Medal of Honor recipients.

McKenzie Moburg chose Army veteran Ty Carter, who received the Medal of Honor for his valor in an intense firefight in October 2009 in Afghanistan.

“He was really brave,” Moburg said. “And he was dealing with hardship at home because he was divorced. But he still went and fought for our country.”

Moburg said the National Medal of Honor Day project is special because students can “personally connect with them through our letters.”

She said the military is dear to her heart as her father served and her brother is currently serving in the military.

“This was my favorite project of the year because I could relate so much with having family in the military,” she said.

Kamryn Farris chose Army Ranger John Baca, who received the Medal of Honor for his valor in 1970 during the Vietnam War when he jumped on a grenade to protect members of his unit.

“I just wrote to him and told him thank you for what he has done for us,” Farris said. “We could have picked any of them because they were all brave. … It’s important for us to do this to remember and thank them for the sacrifices they made for us.”