Another flood warning has been issued for the Missouri River at Leavenworth.

Another flood warning has been issued for the Missouri River at Leavenworth.

The warning was issued Tuesday. It is scheduled to go into effect April 16, and it will remain in effect until further notice.

A National Weather Service forecast on Tuesday predicted the river will rise to 22.1 feet April 18. The river reaches its flood stage for the Leavenworth area at a depth of 20 feet.

The anticipated rise of the river is being blamed on precipitation that is expected to fall this week in Nebraska, South Dakota and Iowa, according to the National Weather Service.

Chuck Magaha, director of Leavenworth County Emergency Management, said heavy amounts of rain and snow are expected in these areas.

The precipitation will drain into the river.

Local residents recently saw the second worst flood on record for the Leavenworth area. The river rose to 31.3 feet on March 23. The river was above flood stage for a total of 23 days. It dropped below flood stage April 3.

Even though the next round of flooding is not expected to be as severe, Magaha said it is still cause for concern. He said some of the levees in Leavenworth County remain damaged from the recent flood.

In the city of Leavenworth, a river level of 22.1 feet could cause some flooding in Riverfront Park and Landing Park, Public Works Director Mike McDonald said.

Both parks were flooded during the recent flood and are still closed.

There also could be a risk of additional flooding at the city’s municipal airport, which is located at the Sherman Army Airfield at Fort Leavenworth. The airport already was damaged by the recent flood.

McDonald said city officials still have sandbags that were prepared during the earlier flood.

“We haven’t moved hardly any from the ones we set up for the last flood,” he said.

At noon Tuesday, the river was at a depth of 17.41 feet. The NWS is forecasting the river will actually drop to about 16.5 feet by Thursday before beginning a rise that will take it above the flood stage.

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