Bill Moen will retire as a lieutenant colonel in July after a 30-year career in the U.S. Army.

“It’s time to settle down and put down some roots,” he said.

In preparation of his next career, Moen was one of approximately 350 people who attended the Career & Education Fair on Tuesday at the Frontier Conference Center on Fort Leavenworth.

Active duty soldiers transitioning to the civilian workforce, as well as veterans and family members, are eligible to participate in the event that links service members with possible employers when their military career is over.

Brett Rosene, manager of the Transitions Assistance Program on fort, said approximately 100 vendors from across the nation attended Tuesday’s event.

“They realize the high-quality employees they can get coming out of the military,” he said.

He said vendors included representatives from a wide range of entities, to include medical, manufacturing, retail, education, law enforcement and more.

Moen said he is looking for a project manager position in the Kansas City area.

“This is a chance to develop a greater sense of the opportunities out there,” he said.

Rosene said the program is all about building relationships and networking.

“They start a dialogue here,” Rosene said. “They network and start to build relationships. We do have on-the-spot hires, but more importantly, it’s a great opportunity for job-seekers to see what’s out there and to have options. … Job-seekers can get an idea about what companies are looking for and see if there is a skill gap they might be missing.”

Mike Fuller, compliance manager at Cerner, represented the health information technology firm at Tuesday’s event.

“We come for the talent,” he said. “There’s a great talent pool here of transitioning soldiers and veterans. We know we’re going to get the discipline and character that corporations are looking for.”

Rosene said the program has grown substantially in the last several years. He said vendors have increased from 30 to about 100 and job-seekers have increased from about 100 to 350.

The event is held three times each year on fort. The next career fair is slated in August. Another one is set for November.