Leavenworth city commissioners met Wednesday to discuss goals.

Leavenworth city commissioners met Wednesday to discuss goals.

And one commissioner argued the city needs to increase funding for road maintenance.

Commissioner Mark Preisinger said the city used to spend about $750,000 per year for street maintenance. But this was increased to about $1.3 million earlier during Preisinger’s tenure on the City Commission.

Preisinger argued the city is still not where it needs to be in terms of street maintenance.

“It’s not going to have an impact,” he said.

He suggested the funding needs to be increased to between $2 million and $2.5 million per year for three to five years.

Preisinger said nothing should be off the table in terms of finding funding to increase the budget for street maintenance.

During Wednesday’s meeting, commissioners reviewed their goals from the previous year. City staff had prepared information about progress related to the goals.

Some of the goals were said to have been completed, but city officials continue to work on others.

During the discussion, City Manager Paul Kramer recommended new goals. Commissioners also discussed goals they would like to add.

Based on the discussion Wednesday, Kramer said he will prepare a draft of updated goals for commissioners to consider.

During the meeting, Preisinger also argued the city needs to beef up ordinances to deal with properties with repeated code violations.

“We’re not doing enough,” Preisinger said.

His comments came after it was mentioned that the city spent $5,000 to clean up a particular property.

Preisinger said this property is located on Olive Street. He said the owner has “been cited multiple, multiple times.”

He said the property continues to be a problem.

Preisinger said the property and others like it are a cancer on neighborhoods.

“It’s just absolutely horrid,” he said.

He said commissioners need to put more teeth into ordinances.

Kramer said language can be included to the commission’s 2019-2020 goals regarding the exploration of ways to address blighted properties and chronic city code violators.

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