Housing officials at Fort Leavenworth said the military installation is taking proactive steps to ensure service members and their families who reside on post have clean, safe places to live.

“We want to ensure that the service members and their families have a clean, functional home,” said Rick Field, chief the Housing Division on post.

According to information provided by the garrison, there are an average of 1,565 service members living in privatized housing on the military installation. There are 1,685 privatized residential units on post.

In the last several months, Fort Leavenworth has conducted a town hall meeting, taken surveys and held inspections to identify housing issues.

“It’s an Armywide effort by the leadership to ensure the quality of life for those living on military installations,” said Heather Welch, media relations representative for the garrison.

Issues reported at the town hall meeting include the incidence of lead paint, mold, rodents and unresolved work orders.

According to a Fort Leavenworth Lamp article about the town hall meeting, Lt. Gen. Michael Lundy, commanding general of the Combined Arms Center and Fort Leavenworth, said, “It is not that every house has got a problem but we do have an issue. Our soldiers, our families deserve to live in the best housing we can provide them.”

Field said there are not systemic housing problems on post. But he pointed out that the military installation has numerous historic homes that are costly to maintain.

Field said a new initiative is that 100% of residences on post will be inspected before new residents move in.

He said his division has eight full-time employees, including four inspectors.

Field said leaders in all military services are in the process of formulating a tenant bill of rights.

“All of the senior leaders are on top of this,” said Field. 

The garrison Housing Oversight Office on fort advocates for service members and their families who live on post in privatized housing.

Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities manages the on-post properties. Michaels Military Housing is the parent company of Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities.

On-post residents experiencing housing issues are encouraged to reach out to Frontier Heritage Communities at 913-682-6300 or the garrison Housing Oversight Office at 913-684-4021.

Fort Leavenworth transitioned from Army housing to privatized housing in 2006.