Mike Reilly, owner of The Reilly Company in Leavenworth, said the county population is expected to increase to more than 80,000 in the next 10 years. He said much of the initial growth will be in the extended northwest corridor out of Kansas City and into the Basehor area.

“We are situated in the bullseye of that growth pattern,” Reilly said. “And I don’t think we’ve seen the start of it yet. The county in 10 years will substantially change. Clearly, south county has been a beneficiary of that growth. Basehor has already seen a lot of growth.”

Several factors have influenced that population growth, Reilly said, including proximity to the Kansas City metro area and Interstate 70 and Interstate 435. He said another factor is that Basehor has affordable housing with a small-town way of life and high-quality schools.

“It’s a great place to be,” he said.

Kansas City has grown in every direction except the western corridor, Reilly said.

Reilly said his firm recognized several years ago that because of the growth of the area, Basehor would be out of inventory for new homes.

He said his firm purchased 140 acres in the area of 158th Street and Prairie Garden Parkway two years ago.

The subsequent development, named Grayhawk, will result in 400-plus new homes to include family residences, estates and villas.

Reilly said Phase 1 of the development, to include 31 lots, is underway. Phase 2 will be 44 lots. Phase 3 will be 38 more lots.

Reilly said the firm is also working to build 12 acres on State Avenue and 158th Street into a commercial development. It will be called One 58 Plaza and include a variety of businesses, including restaurants, banks and gas stations.

“We anticipate it will become one of the major commercial developments in Basehor,” he said.