Elementary school students in Leavenworth are learning outside of the classroom – in a restaurant/bar.

Students from Henry Leavenworth Elementary School and Earl Lawson Elementary School are taking field trips to Grinders High Noon.

“It’s a field trip series to learn more about the community,” said Holly Price, general manager of Grinders High Noon.

Fourth-grade students from Earl Lawson have been working on a project about entrepreneurship. The lesson plan involves students starting a pizza business.

Employees at Grinders, which is known for its pizza, instruct the students on how to make a pizza.

Each student is given dough and they shape their own pizza. Then they put their favorite toppings on the pizza and employees put it in the oven.

When it is ready, the students get to eat what they have made.

Sloan Sandmoen, a fourth-grade teacher at Earl Lawson, said her school is going to more project-based learning.

Sandmoen said the students will be put in two-person teams to come up with a name and a logo for their pizza business. Part of the lesson plan is for students to decide how they will market their business.

“We want them to be creative and think outside of the box,” Sandmoen said.

Second-grade students at Henry Leavenworth took field trips to Grinders last week and will again next week. They recently took a field trip to the Wastewater Plant in Leavenworth.