A University of Saint Mary art student has turned a homework assignment into a part-time job – and maybe a career.

“I am keeping an open mind on what I might do for a career, and that includes art restoration,” said USM senior Gwen Logan.

USM art teacher Shelby Prindaville assigned a homework assignment last fall as part of a painting curriculum.

“It was a color match project from a well-known painting,” Logan said.

Prindaville said Logan excelled on the assignment and took it a step further.

Logan recently took a part-time job to restore two sculptures at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Lansing on a recommendation from Prindaville.

“Art restoration is making something look like it was originally,” Logan said.

Logan said she might be in line to restore two more statues at the Lansing church.

“I’m open to whatever opportunities present themselves,” she said.

Logan said her upstart for-profit business could include restoring paintings and family heirlooms.

“I’m open to restore anything,” she said. “I like the hands-on aspect of it.”

Logan, a 22-year-old Leavenworth native, said she has always been interested in art. She has a newfound interest in art restoration.

She is majoring in graphic design and excels at that as well.

Last fall, she won a contest to redesign the official logo of the city of Lansing.