Emergency communications facility opens

DODGE CITY — City and county officials opened the doors to the new Ford County Emergency Communications on Friday. The new location at 1506 W. Comanche Street, is the new home to the Ford County Communications 911 dispatch center and Ford County Emergency Department.

The previous location for the Ford County departments were held at the Government Center at 100 Gunsmoke Street and has been a three-year process in moving to the new site. “This has been a tremendous amount of work,” said Ford County Communications director Elliot Linke. “There have been a lot of people involved. Every person in this room has had some sort of involvement with what we’re doing here. This is a prime example of the city and county working together.”

Emergency Communications covers both Dodge City and Ford County emergency responses.


Cinco de Mayo returns in Garden City

GARDEN CITY — For the first time in years, local businesses, organizations and sports teams waved at crowds of largely children and families along Main Street, transforming downtown Garden City into a vibrant and bustling Cinco de Mayo celebration.  The event, preceded by a morning 5K Run to beat diabetes and followed by a celebration at Stevens Park, afternoon basketball tournament and Sunday soccer tournament, is part of a series of events organized by the recently founded group, the Cultural Empowerment and Development Foundation.

The group was created on a mission of empowering local cultural communities through knowledge regarding voting, finance, real estate and health care and appreciation of veterans and the elderly, said foundation president Liset Cruz.

“Cinco de Mayo ... celebrates bravery and courage. When immigrants come here, that takes bravery and courage,” Cruz said. “So not only are we celebrating Cinco de Mayo, but we want to celebrate everybody’s bravery as an immigrant.”