A Mother’s Day activity for women was held Friday morning on Fort Leavenworth.

And it wasn’t for the meek of heart.

Members of the Stroller Strong Moms group went through their latest session of a high-intensity boot camp workout, and their children were along for the ride.

The group is affectionately known as SLAM, which stands for Sweat Like a Mother.

“It’s good for the kids to see their moms working out,” said Meghan Argo, director of the group. “It inspires them to see that health is important. It’s a workout group, but it’s also a community of women who rely on each other.”

She said class participants are encouraged to bring their children to the workouts.

“That’s actually a big part of our program,” she said.

The group works out Monday through Friday throughout the year in the parking lot of the post theater. If the weather is bad, they move the workouts to the Riverfront Community Center in Leavenworth.

Argo is a certified trainer, and her three other instructors are certified as well.

Class participants are of all fitness levels, Argo said.

“We cater to all levels,” she said. “There is a place for you wherever you are on your fitness journey.”

The enterprise is a for-profit business. Argo said she has approximately 150 clients – all women and mostly military spouses.

Argo said the 60-minute workouts include heavy weights, yoga and running.

Class fees are $55 per month, $80 for 10 classes or $45 for five classes.

She said the Stroller Strong Moms business model began in Columbus, Georgia, and has spread to 28 locations in the U.S. and United Kingdom.

Argo is a military spouse herself. Her husband, Maj. Reamer Argo, is an active duty Army officer. They have three boys ages 9, 7 and 4.

Meghan Argo said her family will live on the military installation for one more year before they move to another post.

But she said the workout program will remain at Fort Leavenworth.

“This is a big trend with military spouses,” she said. “I will either sell it or have somebody run it, but it’s not going anywhere.”

For more information, visit the group’s website at www.strollerstrongmoms.com