Leavenworth County Fire District No. 1 soon will be losing one of its volunteer firefighters.

Leavenworth County Fire District No. 1 soon will be losing one of its volunteer firefighters.

That is because Frederick Hersey will graduate from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College next month and move on to his next assignment for the Army.

Hersey is major in the Army. And he has been volunteering for Fire District No. 1 while attending the CGSC, which is located on Fort Leavenworth.

“I’ve really enjoyed it,” Hersey said of his time as a firefighter.

Hersey had no previous firefighting experience. But he said serving as a firefighter was a bucket list item.

He interviewed for the position with Fire District No. 1 in July and began his service as a volunteer firefighter in August.

Fire Chief Todd Farley said Hersey has completed more than 400 hours of training and responded to almost 200 calls.

Fire District No. 1 serves the city of Lansing as well as Delaware and High Prairie townships. The department has full-time employees as well as volunteer firefighters.

Hersey said his wife also served in the military. But she transitioned out of the military in October.

When he came to Fort Leavenworth, his wife stayed in North Carolina with their son as she transitioned to her civilian job.

Being by himself, Hersey said he had a little free time even though he has been working on a master’s degree in addition to attending CGSC classes. And he thought he would take care of one his bucket list items by volunteering for Fire District No. 1.

In order to serve as a firefighter, he needed to take community college classes and obtain necessary certifications.

Hersey said he has responded to a lot of medical calls and fire alarms as a firefighter.

He said Fire District No. 1 has responded to several fires since he joined the department. But all of the fires occurred while he was on leave and out of the state. He said this has led to an ongoing joke among members of the department.

Hersey said he has enjoyed the camaraderie among members of Fire District No. 1.

Serving as a volunteer firefighter also has given him the opportunity to “get a real feeling for what’s happening in the community.”

Hersey was recognized earlier this week during a meeting of the Fire District No. 1 Board of Directors.

“He has left a very large impression on us,” Farley said. “We’re sorry to see him go.”

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