When they met Wednesday, Leavenworth County commissioners divided $50,000 among seven museum organizations that were requesting funding.

When they met Wednesday, Leavenworth County commissioners divided $50,000 among seven museum organizations that were requesting funding.

The County Commission budgets $50,000 each year to provide funds to historical societies and museums within the county.

This year, seven entities requested funding. The funding requests ranged from $2,370 to $122,484.

Commissioners decided to give the Basehor Historical Museum Society $2,370 and the Tonganoxie Community Historical Society $7,000.

The Richard Allen Cultural Center, First City Museum, Leavenworth County Historical Society, Fred Harvey Museum and C.W. Parker Carousel Museum each will receive $8,126.

Commissioners arrived at these figures by fully funding the requests of the Basehor Historical Museum and Tonganoxie Community Historical Society. The money that remained from the budgeted $50,000 then was equally divided among the other five entities.

County Administrator Mark Loughry said the deadline for submitting applications for the funding requests had been May 1.

Commissioner Chad Schimke raised the issue of looking at the performance of the organizations, such as the number of visits to their museums. He also suggested commissioners could look at how much funding the organizations receive from the cities in which they are located.

Loughry said commissioners discussed last year requiring matching funds.

Commissioner Jeff Culbertson said he would support requiring matching funds. He said all of the entities probably take in more revenue than they were requesting from the county.

Commissioner Vicky Kaaz suggested these conditions can be requested in the future. But she said they were not included as part of the application process for the current year.

Loughry said county officials can make sure the museums and historical societies provide information next year regarding number of visits and total donations.

Also Wednesday, commissioners approved a $500 donation to the Basehor PRIDE organization to help with an annual Independence Day fireworks show in Basehor.

The donation will not come from the money that was budgeted for museums and historical societies. But Loughry said the county has sufficient funds to support the request.

Loughry told commissioners if they approved the funding, they may receive additional requests for money for fireworks shows.

“I’m afraid we’re going to start something,” Culbertson said.

Schimke suggested setting $500 as a cap for future funding requests for fireworks.

In addition to approving the request from Basehor PRIDE, commissioners voted to authorize up to $500 for other funding requests for municipal fireworks shows.

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