After 18 years with the Leavenworth public schools, Kevin Gullett is retiring as the district’s chief financial officer.

After 18 years with the Leavenworth public schools, Kevin Gullett is retiring as the district’s chief financial officer.

Gullett said he has held one of the best jobs in Leavenworth.

He said the people of the public school system have been the highlight of his time with the district.

“To me, that was the best part,” he said.

Gullett’s last official day with the district will be June 28. But Gullett said he has been using up some of his leave time in recent days.

He joined the school district in June 2001.

Initially, he had the title of business manager. He later was called the director of finance before his title changed to chief financial officer.

Despite the change in titles over the years, Gullett said his duties have remained the same.

He came to the school district after serving 22 years in the Army. He also previously worked for an organization called the Kansas Performance Review Board in the state’s Department of Administration.

Gullett said he has a lot of respect for the Leavenworth school district’s teaching staff. He said teachers in Leavenworth face real challenges but they put forth a herculean effort.

Gullett said he also has a lot of respect for the classified staff of the district. The classified staff includes secretaries, custodians and lunchroom employees.

During his time with the district, Gullett said he has tried to do what is right for students and taxpayers. Gullett said he has tried the manage the district’s budget the same way he would manage his personal budget. He said the district has to live within its means.

He said a successful 2008 school bond campaign, which resulted in renovations to older facilities and the construction of a new elementary school, will be part of his legacy as well as a bond issue that was passed last year.

He said last year’s bond issue was approved without the need to increase the district’s mill levy for property taxes.

One thing Gullett would like to see in the future is the construction of a facility at Leavenworth High School for members of the Junior ROTC program to use for drills and other activities.

Gullett, 64, said he and his wife plan to remain in the Leavenworth area. But they may do some traveling.

Even though he is retiring, Gullett said he plans to continue to volunteer for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. Gullett volunteers for the program each year by helping members of the public prepare their tax returns.

Beth Mattox, the Leavenworth school district’s director of accounts and reports, will be taking over the job of chief financial officer.

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