Farm to Fork Tour nears

TOWANDA — Betty Corbin, of Towanda, knows what a unique situation she is in. She lives with her husband, David, on a farm that is now 160 years old — and the couple has been able to retire from crop farming while not leaving the farm.

Those roots run deep. Fulton Valley Farms was homesteaded in 1869, Fulton Valley Farms has been continuously owned and operated by members of the original Fulton family.

Fulton Valley will roll out the red carpet next month as the launching point of the Butler County Farm Bureau Association’s fourth annual Farm to Fork Tour & Dinner on July 11.

At Fulton Valley, tour participants will take bus trips to other farms in Butler County. In the evening there will be a meal served at Fulton Valley, featuring a menu of locally sourced foods.

Cost of the tour is $40. For more information, call or text 316-320-3166 or email