The Leavenworth Board of Education has a new president.

The Leavenworth Board of Education has a new president.

Longtime board member Doug Darling was selected to serve as president when board members met Monday.

Darling thanked the board members who voted for his nomination as president.

“It shows a lot trust and confidence in me,” he said. “I hope I earn it.”

Darling said he is in his fourth term on the school board.

He previously has served as the board’s vice president. But this is his first stint as president.

Board members also voted Monday to re-appoint board member Alisa Murphy to serve as vice president, a position she has held for the last year.

The selection of president and vice president came during an annual organizational meeting of the board.

Board members traditionally have selected their president and vice president each year in July. But a change in a state law will allow board members to elect officers in January next year. The new law also will allow board members to continue to elect their officers in July or some other time during the year.

Leavenworth Superintendent Mike Roth said board members have not discussed whether they would like to change when officers are selected. But board member Loyal Torkelson did inquire about a possible change during Monday’s meeting.

Two board members were nominated for the position of president during Monday’s meeting.

Board member Nancy Klemp nominated Murphy for the position of president.

Board member John Goodman nominated Darling.

Three board members, Klemp, Torkelson and Murphy, voted in favor of appointing Murphy to the position of president. But this was not enough votes to approve the nomination.

Four board members, Goodman, Dannielle Wells, Mike Carney and Darling, voted in favor of Darling’s appointment to the position of president.

After receiving votes from the majority of the board, Darling switched seats with Carney, who was the outgoing president.

Carney said he had been lucky and blessed to have served as board president the last couple of years.

When it came time to select the vice president, Wells nominated Murphy for the position.

Klemp attempted to nominate Torkelson for vice president. But Torkelson declined the nomination.

Torkelson said he would not consider the appointment because he is not sure if voters will re-elect him to the school board in November.

Murphy’s reappointment to the position of vice president was unanimously approved.

Also Monday, board members approved various other appointments and designations as part of the annual reorganization. These included the appointment of Beth Mattox as the board clerk.

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