When they met Tuesday, Leavenworth city commissioners approved a bid for the improvement of a section of 10th Avenue.

When they met Tuesday, Leavenworth city commissioners approved a bid for the improvement of a section of 10th Avenue.

Commissioners approved a bid from McAnany Construction, Shawnee, for an amount not to exceed $478,229. The company is being hired for a mill and overlay project for 10th Avenue between Michigan and Vilas streets.

City officials do not yet have a start date for the project. But the project will be started in August. The company will have 30 days to complete the project.

City Manager Paul Kramer said the project has been expedited because of rapid deterioration of the roadway over the winter. He said there also is public interest in getting the project completed as soon as possible.

“This whole process has been accelerated,” he said.

Commissioners approved the bid from McAnany Construction during a special meeting that took place after a study session.

During Tuesday’s study session, commissioners decided against staff trying to open the campground at Riverfront Park this year.

The city-owned campground, which is located along the Missouri River, typically is open each year from April 1 to Oct. 31. But the campground has never opened this year because of flooding from the river.

In March, the city of Leavenworth had its second worst flood on record. And in June, the city had its fourth worst flood on record.

Steve Grant, director of the Leavenworth Parks and Recreation Department, said floodwaters at the campground were eight feet deep during the March flood.

He said the flood left behind silt that is two or three feet deep in some areas.

Grant said water was six feet deep at the campground during the June flood.

The park is no longer flooded. But Grant expressed concern that the park could flood again before the end of the summer.

He questioned whether it makes sense to use money and resources to clean and reopen the park if there is a chance that it may flood again.

“To me, it sounds like a waste of time this year,” Commissioner Nancy Bauder said.

Kramer said city staff members have been receiving calls from seasonal campers regarding the campground.

Kramer said city officials would like to get the word out about the campground not opening so the campers can make other plans for this year.

“Keep in mind, we’re only talking about 2019,” he said.

He said city staff will still clean up the park even if it does not open this year.

Commissioner Mark Preisinger suggested letting campers know that the campground will not open this year.

“There’s too many maybes that still may happen,” he said.

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