An information kiosk could be set up in the Leavenworth County Courthouse in the near future.

An information kiosk could be set up in the Leavenworth County Courthouse in the near future.

Larry Malbrough, director of the county’s Information Systems Department, reviewed a proposal for a kiosk Wednesday during a meeting of the county commissioners.

The kiosk would be unmanned and feature a touch-screen display that could be used to access information about the courthouse and county government.

Malbrough said the kiosk would be located in the rotunda of the main floor of the courthouse.

The idea of the kiosk came up during the summer as commissioners discussed the 2020 budget.

Commissioner Jeff Culbertson said Wednesday that he really wanted to have an employee stationed at the courthouse to answer questions. But he said the proposed kiosk would be the next best thing.

Malbrough said a kiosk with a 32-inch monitor would cost about $5,000. He said electrical work needed to set up the kiosk would cost up to an additional $1,000.

“We would have to create the content to go on the kiosk,” Malbrough said.

He suggested consulting with an employee who handles social media content for the county.

“I think there’s plenty of information to put on there,” Commission Chairman Doug Smith said.

Commissioner Chad Schimke suggested increasing the size of the monitor for the touch-screen display.

Malbrough said the screen size can be increased to 55 inches, but he said this also will increase the cost.

Culbertson indicated he supports looking at increasing the screen size.

Malbrough said the believes the cost of the kiosk will be within the spending authority of the county administrator and can be approved without a future vote of the commission.

“We can proceed if you want to go forward,” Malbrough said.

Smith said there was a consensus among commissioners to move forward with the proposal.

Malbrough also discussed proposed changes to the county website,, during Wednesday’s meeting.

One change would be the creation of an individual page for each commissioner on the website.

Malbrough said commissioners can email him information they wish to have posted on their pages.

Schimke questioned whether it made sense to make changes now to the current website when county officials plan to eventually have the website redesigned.

“That could take quite some time, getting a new website done,” Malbrough said.

Commissioner Mike Stieben said it is important to make changes now so that commissioners can provide information for their districts.

Malbrough also proposed removing an online feedback form that allowed users to anonymously provide information.

County Administrator Mark Loughry said there have been times when users of the feedback form have placed other people’s names on the messages to give the wrong impression about who sent the information.

Malbrough said people will still be able to send messages to a general email,, and to the individual email accounts of commissioners.

Following Wednesday’s meeting, Malbrough made the proposed changes to the county website.

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