A new missing persons website created by the Kansas Bureau of Investigations aims to get the public more involved in Kansas missing persons cases.

According to a news release from Melissa Underwood, communications director for KBI, the website provides a current and comprehensive list of everyone reported missing in Kansas.

The website can be found at kbi.ks.gov/missingpersons.

The site allows people to search for a missing person's name, county, demographics such as gender or age and the date the person was last seen.

Underwood said people using the site can submit tips, information and sightings that will go directly to the KBI.

Information submitted to the KBI will be evaluated, investigated or forwarded to the law enforcement agency that is investigating the case.

"Currently missing in Kansas are 295 adults and 280 juveniles," said Kirk Thompson, KBI director. "Behind each missing person is a family with unanswered questions. It is our hope that this website will become a valuable tool that aids law enforcement in answering the many questions that arise when an individual goes missing."

The website also gives information on how to report someone who has gone missing, safety information and additional resources, Underwood said.

Law enforcement using the website can access features that will allow them to update missing person cases, compare case profiles and upload photographs of the missing person.

"We know from experience that tips from the public provide a great advantage to law enforcement in locating missing Kansans, and we hope this website will increase our interactions with citizens who wish to help," Thompson said.