The chief ambassador of the massive American Legion organization made a stop in Leavenworth on Wednesday as part of a whirlwind tour.

James “Bill” Oxford met with local military veterans at American Legion Post 94.

Members of Post 23 in Leavenworth and Post 411 in Lansing also attended the meet, great and eat event.

“My role as national commander is to promote the American Legion, get out there and press the flesh,” Oxford said.

Oxford is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and the National Guard.

He was elected to the position of national commander in August, and has begun a touring campaign that will take him to 55 American Legion departments in 50 states.

“What I see all the time is great posts and great folks out there,” he said. “That’s everywhere I go across the United States.”

After his visit to Leavenworth, Oxford will set out on his next visit in Iowa on Thursday.

“The American Legion is 100 years old,” Oxford said. “We have a great history. But we are the future and need to look forward to the next 100 years.”