Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Salina Journal Facebook: Editorial: More communities go tobacco free in parks

Ron Musfelt: I don't smoke but really why make another law to reduce people's freedoms. I think the founding fathers are turning over in their graves with this over reach of government control.

Susan Harvey Hammond: There is not one good thing that comes from smoking cigarettes. It is not "government control" to do things to keep citizens safe and healthy. No one has a Constitutional right to dirty the air other people breathe, or the right to dirty the environment with cigarette debris. Tobacco Free is not only safer for everyone, it's the smart thing to do.

Amanda Loughridge: Sigh. Yes, I think parks should be smoke-free. Most people are decent and don't smoke near others and throw their butt in ash trays. But a few bad apples can run the whole barrel.


Editorial: Find plan to address climate change

Robyn Reichley: I can't look at my grandchildren and tell them that I don't care because I will be dead by then. I cannot and will not!! I'm fighting for their future, not mine!

Tom Birdsey: Work on cleaning up the plastic islands in our oceans and leave the natural climate change to our changing planet.

Niko Stavro: Tom Birdsey, except that humans are undeniably accelerating the warming of our planet. We have already taken "natural" out of the mix.


Hutchinson News Facebook: Dollar store food requirement rule tabled

Joe King: Governmental Overreach! This is nothing more than Capitalism with a touch of Tyranny, since when does the Government get to tell a Capitalist Incorporation as to what they Must stock a percentage of their shelves with.

Kathy McLean: Has any of them been inside a Dollar General or Dollar Tree? They carry frozen foods and milk, etc. Not much but they do carry.


Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook: U.S. District Judge Carol Murguia admonished

Richard Johnson: Federal Judges have too much power and abuse...History says only 8 have been removed out of 60 being accused...Judges are human and could hold grudges against anyone attempting to unseat them.

Rhonda Pollard Spellmeier: So he was only admonished? I’m sure I would not have kept my job.

Kathy Marie Ryan: Good grief. If he was employed in any of the private sector he would have been fired!think about it folks

Nick Xidis: I don’t understand why he’s still employed?


Subpoenas mark first concrete steps for Trump impeachment

Mike Steinhoff: So Biden breaks the rules so they go after Trump?

Tim Quest: Fail to impeach him and you have guaranteed a Republican victory in the next 2 to 3 elections. Succeed in this unlawful coup and you will most likely start a Civil War and the Democrats won’t win another election for the next hundred years.

Derek Powelson: I despise all of them, I don't care which letter they put beside their name. None of then care about liberty or smaller government. They do, however, care about stealing our money.