A man who is being sought in connection to a fatal shooting in Kansas City, Kansas, also is now wanted in Leavenworth County for allegedly violating probation.

A man who is being sought in connection to a fatal shooting in Kansas City, Kansas, also is now wanted in Leavenworth County for allegedly violating probation.

A bench warrant was issued Thursday afternoon in Leavenworth County District Court for Hugo A. Villaneuva-Morales.

Villaneuva-Morales is on probation following a conviction in Leavenworth County District Court for introduction of contraband into a correctional facility.

The crime was committed in July 2015 while Villanueva-Morales was an inmate at the Lansing Correctional Facility. He later was paroled from prison.

Villanueva-Morales is the subject of a manhunt in connection to a shooting that was reported Sunday at a bar in Kansas City, Kansas. Four people were killed during the incident and five others were wounded, according to a news release from the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department.

Villanueva-Morales faces four counts of first-degree murder in Wyandotte County, according to the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department.

Another defendant, Javier Alatorre, also is charged in connection to Sunday’s shooting. He currently is in custody.

The Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department has identified Villanueva-Morales using the hyphenated last name. However, Leavenworth County District Court records identify him only by the last name of Villanueva.

Online Kansas Department of Corrections records also only identify him by the last name of Villanueva.

On Tuesday, the Leavenworth County Attorney’s Office filed a motion to revoke Villanueva-Morales’ probation.

The motion included an affidavit prepared by Leavenworth County Community Corrections. The affidavit alleges that Villanueva-Morales violated several conditions of his probation including violating the law, possessing a firearm and visiting an establishment that serves alcohol.

A hearing was held Thursday on the motion to revoke probation. The defendant, who remains at large, did not appear.

District Judge Mike Gibbons said he was issuing a bench warrant for Villanueva-Morales’ arrest based on the motion and affidavit as well as the defendant’s failure to appear for the hearing.

Megan Waters, director of Leavenworth County Community Corrections, asked that the warrant be issued with a nationwide status rather than only for surrounding states. She made the request to help with the investigation that is pending in Wyandotte County.

The judge agreed to issue a nationwide bench warrant.

Villanueva-Morales has previous convictions in Johnson and Wyandotte counties for aggravated burglary and attempted aggravated robbery, according to online Kansas Department of Corrections records.

At the time Villanueva-Morales was sentenced last year for the contraband charge, he already had been released from prison.

Court records indicate the standard sentence for the contraband charge given Villanueva-Morales’ criminal history would have been 120 months in prison. But Gibbens agreed to a departure. The judge suspended a 60-month sentence and placed Villanueva-Morales on probation for three years.

During the Sept. 4, 2018, sentencing, the judge said there were two compelling and substantial reasons that factored into his decision, according to a transcript of the hearing.

One reason was the fact that Villanueva-Morales was considered to have done well on parole.

Gibbens said this was evidenced by a letter from the defendant’s supervising authority.

The other was the amount of contraband, which was synthetic marijuana, that had been in the defendant’s possession.

The judge said this amount could be classified as being for personal use rather than distribution.

During the sentencing hearing, Gibbens cautioned Villanueva-Morales not to mess up while on probation. The judge said he likely would order Villanueva-Morales to serve the suspended prison sentence if the defendant were to appear before him again.

Court records from Jackson County, Missouri, Circuit Court indicate Villanueva-Morales also is facing a third-degree assault charge in that county.

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