Helping others comes naturally for Devin Callon, the owner of the new Supplement Stop in Hutchinson.

Last May during Riverfest, Anna Callon almost lost her husband, Devin. Just after he saved two people from drowning, her hand, as well as the hand of a stranger, pulled him out of the river.

“I was completely submerged. That current was ridiculous, and then I heard Anna and reached for her hand,” Callon said. “I thought of the possibility that I would never see my kid.”

Callon, who is soon to be a father, had just rescued a woman and a 10-year-old boy. Both had accidentally fallen into the overflowing river during the fireworks display. But when Callon jumped in to save the boy, he had just enough strength to toss the child out of the water before he started being swept away.

“You don’t ever intend to be a hero unless it just happens,” Callon said.

During high school, Callon played football and basketball. After graduating from Haven, he played basketball for Pratt Community College. Eventually, he obtained a degree in accounting from Wichita State University. But all through school, he kept powerlifting and taking care of himself.

Now, he wants to share his knowledge and passion for fitness and health. He also wants to maintain his integrity. He makes sure the labels on the nutrition products he sells are accurate.

“I send it to a third party to be tested,” Callon said. “Every brand in here is at 98% of what’s in it. It makes it a lot easier for me to be genuine. I don’t want to sell them what they don’t need.”

Callon, who was raised in Hutchinson, saw how hard his parents worked while he was growing up. He wants to be able to give back to the community and help working parents and their children.

Since opening the Supplement Stop in March, Callon raised money for families who were down on their luck, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hutchinson, and this month he is helping the family of Gabe Eye, the young Hutchinson High School football player who was injured last month while playing against Derby High School. During the month of November, Callon is donating a portion of his proceeds to the family. Callon is also helping to serve as a drop off location for people who want to donate toys for Reno County children in foster care.

“I’m a firm believer in giving back,” Callon said. “I believe God left it to us to give back.”