Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Salina Journal Facebook: Spring turkey tag limit reduced

Marlysue Esping Holmquist: We have hundreds of turkeys in Saline County and the flocks need to be thinned out. The birds do damage to the emerging wheat crop. We need more fall days of hunting to thin the flocks.

Jeff Geist: Stupid. Too many turkeys. Shoot more


Dodge City Facebook: Social Security phone scam

Laura Smith: I received one of those many months ago. I don't think he liked it when I laughed at him, he hung up faster than me.

Dawna Youngers: The do not call list thing is a joke. They just call from another ghost #. Like criminals really care about a do not call list!!

Carmen Kephart: I was called yesterday. I know for a fact that they will send you a letter with a time and date to call. The dude answered in a very thick accent and immediately I said put me on the do not call list. He hung up. Lol


Garden City Facebook: St. Catherine Hospital to become tobacco-free campus

Chase Parker: I'll be having my afternoon smokes in the middle of your "smoke free campus" everyday!

Charles Kauffman: Good, It's best to keep the lepers hidden from the sights of the pure.

Kim Gibbons: Discrimination against smokers that is not right. Shame on you for not even considering hiring any one that does. At least keep a shack for those that do and they won’t even be near any one that doesn’t smoke.

Tiffany Mari: in a sense it is good. Especially at a hospital or you work in one. You carry the smoke on your cloths in your hair. What if a patient or someone sick gets treated by someone that has smoke on them. It could be dangerous. Have to consider all the circumstances.


Hays Daily News Facebook: Twenty-one children officially adopted

DeeAnn Desair: Hope they bring as much joy to their new families as ours did for ours! Congrats to all!

Carla Streck Perez: Beautiful! Many blessings and much happiness!


Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook: Prison board tells governor not to pardon sex-trafficked teen

Jeanne Ommerle: “Let him that is without sin cast the first stone.”

Nichols Robert: The state is probably getting TITLE IV D and TITLE IV E federal money to have her sitting in jail. The state of Kansas loves to traffic in people for federal dollars. They do it to men, fsthers and children all the time. Follow the money and see how their budget benefits from her incarceration


Topeka mayor considers run for U.S. House in 2nd District

Anthony J. Martinez: She’s an excellent mayor and would make a wonderful congresswoman!

Michael Garrison: One term as a community organizer and she thinks she’s ready for a whole state. Not..