A member of the Kansas House of Representatives who represents Lansing and a portion of Leavenworth has filed for reelection.

David French will be seeking his second term in 2020.

French, a Republican from Lansing, was elected to the Kansas House’s 40th District in 2018, defeating the incumbent, Debbie Deere.

French currently serves on the House Corrections and Juvenile Justice Committee, the House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee and the House General Government Budget Committee. 

In a news release, French called himself a constitutional conservative Republican who advocates for limited government, cutting wasteful spending and reducing taxes.

French also supports passage of an amendment to the Kansas Constitution to establish that abortion is not a right under the state Constitution.

Anti-abortion activists have been pushing for such an amendment after the Kansas Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that the state Constitution protects the right to an abortion.

Passing an amendment to the state Constitution would require approval from two-thirds of the members in the Kansas House of Representatives and Senate and a majority of voters in a statewide election.

French filed for reelection Dec. 9, according to a website for the Kansas Secretary of State’s Office.

The filing deadline is June 1.