GARDEN CITY — New challenges and new opportunities are on the horizon for former county administrator Randy Partington.

Partington, who was Finney County administrator for nine years, has accepted the county administrator position at Reno County starting in February 2020.

Partington said the most important accomplishment during his time as administrator was being able to empower and enable department directors to do their best and make their departments and organizations better.

"All the directors are doing great things," Partington said. "That is what I feel is my accomplishment, assisting them to do great things for the community."

During his years as county administrator, he has overseen numerous projects. Among the most important were a priority-based budget, employee clinic and wellness program, community services center and a soon-to-be-opened shelter at Wildwood Park.

Partington said he decided to take the position in Reno County because it will provide new challenges.

"Reno County is a well-run, professional organization. It looked like a new opportunity with challenges to further myself professionally," Partington said. "I'm excited for the opportunities but will miss everyone at Garden City and Finney County. This is a great community."

While he is excited for this new chapter in his life, Partington will always have special feelings for his time here.

"I love Finney County and Garden City. Everything is great here," Partington said.

The Board of Commissioners offered thanks and well wishes at his new job.

"The Board has given Randy additional responsibilities and he always rose to the challenge," said Commission Chairman Bill Clifford. "He evolved the position of administrator and saw us through multiple transitions. He has definitely set a high bar for the next Finney County administrator."

Partington said his desire and hope after college was to be a county or city administrator.

"I have a desire to serve a community. That was what motivated me, to help the community," Partington said.

Finney County has started the recruitment process to find the best candidate to replace Partington. This process should take two to three months. An interim replacement will be considered in the meantime.