A Leavenworth woman has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in connection to the death of her son.

A Leavenworth woman has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in connection to the death of her son.

Catherine M. Smith, 32, had been charged with reckless second-degree murder, but she pleaded guilty to amended charges Friday as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors.

Smith's case had been scheduled to go to trial Jan. 21.

Smith pleaded guilty Friday to involuntary manslaughter, aggravated endangering a child and interference with a law enforcement officer.

The charges stemmed from the Nov. 29, 2018, death of her 19-month-old son and the subsequent investigation.

Smith reportedly left her son in a room where the temperature exceeded 90 degrees without checking on him for an extended period. However, the thermostat, which was located in another area of the residence, had been set at 75 degrees.

The interference with a law enforcement officer charge is related to communication Smith had with a police detective. It was determined Smith initially provided false information to take focus away from her, according to Deputy County Joan Lowdon.

Lowdon reviewed facts related to this charge in court Friday.

District Judge Michael Gibbens reviewed terms of the plea agreement before accepting Smith’s plea.

He said the prosecution and defense have agreed to a recommendation for a prison sentence. But Smith’s attorney, Clinton Lee, still will be free to argue for a suspension of the recommended prison sentence so his client can be placed on probation. The prosecution will be free to argue for Smith being sent to prison.

“The court is not bound by this agreement as to the sentencing,” Gibbens told Smith.

Lowdon said prosecution officials had located the man Smith identifies as the father of her deceased son.

Lowdon said the man acknowledged he had been informed he was the father of the child. But this information was not relayed to him until after he had broken up with Smith and he questions the claim.

Lowdon said the man has no position or opinion regarding the criminal case against Smith.

Sentencing for Smith is scheduled for Feb. 28. Lee said he may call witnesses to testify during the hearing.

Smith remains free on bond while she awaits sentencing.

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