It appears a new bridge on Millwood Road will not be completed as early as Leavenworth County officials had hoped.

It appears a new bridge on Millwood Road will not be completed as early as Leavenworth County officials had hoped.

County Administrator Mark Loughry said county officials had hoped the new bridge over Stranger Creek would be open by Aug. 1.

“It doesn’t look like this will happen,” he said.

Loughry comments came Wednesday during a meeting of the Leavenworth County commissioners.

Loughry said county officials had solicited bids for the construction of a new bridge. The bids were scheduled to be opened last week, but no bids were submitted for the project.

Loughry said it appears the timing of the bid solicitation may have been a factor in terms of the lack of bids because companies were bidding on several other large projects.

“We continue on with the project design,” he said.

He said the design work should be near completion within the next 60 days and county officials will once again solicit bids.

The new bridge will replace one that has been closed since early February 2019. The old bridge, located north of Easton, was closed after it was discovered that it had a hole.

“We really are trying to do everything we can to speed this up,” Loughry said Wednesday.

County Commission Chairman Doug Smith asked if January 2021 is a realistic date for having the new bridge in place.

Lauren Anderson, interim engineering superintendent for the county, indicated this was realistic.

Anderson said county officials had tried to expedite the project. But she believes the county will receive competitive bids once the design work is complete. She said bidders will know exactly what they will be building.

Commissioner Vicky Kaaz suggested the project could have had a number of change orders if contractors had submitted bids for the project before the design work was completed.

Commissioner Jeff Culbertson said he would like to have daily updates about the project.

Loughry said he did not think this request was realistic. He said the design work is being handled by an outside firm. He said county staff would have to contact the firm each day to find out what progress was made.

He said the design work is still on task in terms of a timeline that previously was set forth. He said the project just did not receive construction bids as anticipated.

Loughry asked commissioners to authorize the order of beams that are needed for the project. He said there is a long lead time for the girders, and ordering them now may shorten the length of the project.

Commissioners voted in favor of ordering the girders.

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