Officials with the Easton Township Fire Department are trying to establish a Junior Firefighter Program in an attempt to get teens interested in being firefighters.

“Nobody wants to be a firefighter anymore,” said John Grauer, assistant chief with the Easton Township Fire Department.

The Easton Township Fire Department is an all-volunteer department, and Grauer said new volunteers are not joining the department.

He said trouble recruiting new firefighters is a national problem.

Grauer said the Junior Firefighter Program may pique people’s interest in firefighters while they are still teenagers.

The program is being offered to people who 14-17 years of age and live in the Easton Township as well as the neighboring townships of Kickapoo and Alexandria.

If there is a significant response to the program, it may be opened up to people from other areas of Leavenworth County.

There is no fee for participating in the program.

“We provide all the gear,” Grauer said.

By law, members of the Junior Firefighter Program will be unable to respond to emergency calls. But they can participate in the Easton Township Fire Department’s training sessions that take place twice a month.

The trainings take place at the department’s station in Easton, 306 W. Riley St.

Grauer said participants in the program will learn how to use the Fire Department’s equipment.

He said they also will receive instruction that should benefit them if they eventually take classes to become nationally certified firefighters.

“They will already have read the book,” he said.

People interested in the program can send an email to

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